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Immediate Placement and Loading

Our modern and advanced clinic is here to offer you and your family comprehensive dental care - specialized in dental implants.

Dental Implants in Athens

Hi-tech Equipment

Our clinic is equipped with all the state of the art technology and equipment with the aim of offering you the best possible result.

Dr Evan

Our team consists of specialized doctors with many years of experience. Modern techniques are carried out while exclusively quality brand-name materials are used.

The Dental Office

To make your visit more comfortable and pleasant in our clinic you will find warm and welcoming spaces, while cleanliness, disinfection of equipment, as well as sterilization of tools are non-negotiable.

Why choose us;

The Implants Athens clinic has been dealing with dental implants for over 10 years. It is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic and dental machines with the aim of not moving the patient, while the best materials and the most advanced techniques are used. Without pain, in a clean space, with the top brands for dental implants, at the most

competitive prices for an excellent result.

  • Dental Implants
  • Bone Grafts
  • Sinus Lifts
  • ALL on 4
  • Overdentures
  • Ridge Splits

Single Dental Implant Placement

& Restoration

Implant Placement


Dental implant placed in the correct position prosthetically, with direct placement of a custom healing abutment for simultaneous arrangement of the soft tissues.

Soft tissue maturation

The soft tissue image 4 months after implant placement. We observe the volume of the attached gums, which protect the implant.

Final Restoration

The final crown screwed to the dental implant. We note the screw in the center of the restoration, which confirms the accuracy of the implant placement design.

Time to smile :)

Today dental health is not only white smiles but also strong gums and teeth.

Teeth in a day

The evolution of technology is an integral part of modern dental practice.
We can offer you the restoration of missing teeth under the right conditions within just a few hours.

Immediate placement of implants at the same time as tooth extractions, loading (teeth) same day

First Visit - Dental Implant Planning

Medical History

When the patient comes to the clinic for the first time, their medical history is recorded in detail, and then a clinical examination is carried out. By performing a CT scan, which we provide, the appropriate individualized treatment is suggested.

CBCT X ray

Our office is equipped with a dental computed tomography machine - CBCT - as well as a panoramic X-ray, so that the amount of bone substrate in which we want to place dental implants can be investigated.

Digital impressions

Then, using an intraoral scanner, we take the digital impressions of the teeth in order to combine them with the x-ray in the special implant placement planning program. With the careful study of the data, special splints are manufactured in order to optimally place the implant in the correct position.

Guided Implant Placement

In most cases, personalized braces are manufactured with the aim of guiding the implants to the correct and predetermined position that we have studied through the software. The placement process becomes faster, more predictable - implants without pain and post-operative discomfort for the patient.
Surgical Guide for Implant Placement
Full Arch Surgical Implant Guide
prf - Growth Factors

Growth Factors - PRF

A routine technique of our clinic is blood collection and centrifugation which allows obtaining fibrin membranes enriched with platelets and growth factors. This method accelerates healing and bone regeneration in dental procedures such as dental implants, tooth extraction and socket preservation, bone regeneration and sinus lift, as it is combined with bone grafts.
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